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Thomás Bobadilha

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visual artist

  Hello, Im Thomás Bobadilha, a.k.a. torovoa on social medias:) As a 27 years old artist, I don’t feel ready to describe myself. I think I know very little about me, the world and life. My search is still for my own search, its not being easy to go deeper, but I feel confident to keep doing it for my life, as truly as I can do, and be.

Between careless drawings on poor papers, unfinished big frames, photographs of all kinds and lots of existential crisis, walks my artistic process. I like to do visual experimentations, to have the freedom with the blank space that Im going to work, to do it in my time and usually alone. I know that I have much to learn and improve, so my principal tool is taking art seriously to create things with truth and consistency. Im a Visual Artist graduated at Panamericana School of Art, São Paulo. Besides all that, I love music, to be awake at night and the idea that one day the humans are going to help each other so everybody can have a fair life.


"Torovoa is an nft artist since 2021 when he became an active nft community member being an entusiast of art colaborating and researching. His personal path in image making is intemately relayed with identity statements through ficcional drawing narrative between digital and material midia. The main elements of his work are line, colour and movement and the juxtaposition of those elements." - Rogerio Botter

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